All sales close at 12:00 Noon, two days prior to the pickup date unless the available products sell out earlier. Once a sale closes no extra orders can be added. Types of payment methods are Debit and Credit Only we no longer accept PayPal. We do not accept EBT. **********All orders not Picked up on scheduled delivery date by customer will be donated at customers expense. Only select reasons will a refund be issued, forgetting is not one being we send a reminder email out.************

Customer Comments

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Sandy Whitley Felton  recommends House of Raeford Farms.

We started going to the House of Raeford chicken sales at the beginning of the COVID quarantine prior to presales and were fortunate to get chicken. When you say jumbo, you mean jumbo!!! It’s great quality! We have since been to two preorders!!! Preordering is the way to go!! No lines, and they load it right up! Very pleased! 5 stars all the way!!

thank you guys so much! this was my first time picking up. service was fast and everyone was polite.

Michelle Brown Silliman  recommends House of Raeford Farms.

Picked up our box this morning and am very impressed!! In the box is 4 - 10lb bags of boneless/skinless chicken breasts! From each 10lb bag we broke down, we were able to get 5 smaller bags, (4 servings per bag), for our freezer. That means a total of 20 meals, 80+ servings from 1 box! Breasts come LARGE and 2 breasts are attached. I was easily able to get 4 servings per 2 breasts- my husband and I are big eaters, so that speaks volumes of the breast size. Many could and will be cut down further at cooking. We are very pleased with the quality and freshness of the meat. I will say, be aware there may be a little trimming needed, BUT, this is not a negative at all to me. It was simple and easy to breakdown and repackage. A little tip, if you’re going to breakdown your bags, make sure to have quart or gallon freezer bags on hand.
We HIGHLY RECOMMEND and We so look forward to buying more in the future. See you the next time you visit Spartanburg!!😊

Naim Mohammed Same here crazy when portioned how many meals it equals too.
Preston Smith  recommends House of Raeford Farms.

Excellent chicken. Affordable. No contact preorder pickup. In and out in 10 minutes.

Nice people and A++ quality!!!

  • Preston Smith Katherine P. Lee It comes in a 40lb box. I drive straight home (30 minutes) and put it up in bags in the freezer. The boxes come off of a refrigerated truck.
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Preston Smith
Preston Smith Katherine P. Lee A cooler would probably be safest, especially if there were car problems or traffic on the way home.
Katherine P. Lee
Katherine P. Lee Preston Smith many thanks‼️

great customer service and products are wonderful

Great customer service. Huge thighs for a great price!

First time buyer Friday. Great product and easy pick up. Fantastic value!!

Trina D Jenkins  recommends House of Raeford Farms.
May 2, 2020

Super nice people. Very polite and friendly while loading 40lb boxes of chicken in the heat into folks cars. Thank You!!

The quality and good prices are wonderful. They put the heavy box in my car too!

thank you guys so much! this was my first time picking up. service was fast and everyone was polite.

thank you guys so much! this was my first time picking up. service was fast and everyone was polite.